The new domain names have been launched!


LIST UPDATED: 12 May 2014

Domain Register Transfer Launch Date*
.blue 10.99 € 9.99 € 9 MAY 2014
.build 45.99 € 44.99 € 9 MAY 2014
.buzz 25.99 € 24.99 € 9 MAY 2014
.club 12.99 € 11.99 € 9 MAY 2014
.kim 11.99 € 10.99 € 9 MAY 2014
.menu 23.99 € 22.99 € 9 MAY 2014
.pink 11.99 € 10.99 € 9 MAY 2014
.red 11.99 € 10.99 € 9 MAY 2014
.shiksha 11.99 € 10.99 € 9 MAY 2014
.uno 23.99 € 22.99 € 9 MAY 2014

* – Estimated launch date at not the TLD’s official launch date.

.UNO Domain Names now Available


You can register .UNO domain names here …

.UNO is a short, meaningful and memorable new top level domain.

.UNO has universal recognition for being number one, first, unique and the best.

.UNO will globally connect over 490 million Spanish speaking businesses, consumers and individuals.

.UNO is complimentary to, or in some cases will replace, .COM as the preferred domain of choice with the Hispanic, Latino, Spanish and Italian markets.

Choosing a .UNO domain name will help you or your businesses instantly connect to these fast growing markets, rich with opportunity. Whether you or your customers speak English, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian, .UNO is the #1 choice and where you need to be.

.SHIKSHA Domain Names now Available


You can register .SHIKSHA domain names here …

Meet .SHIKSHA: the address for education!
Shiksha means education, teaching, learning, and the path to self-improvement. And now there is an entire Internet domain dedicated to education: dotSHIKSHA or .SHIKSHA. .SHIKSHA is the best top-level domain for identifying your organization as educational and tailored to an Indian audience.

Are you targeting Indians at home or abroad? A .SHIKSHA address is a perfect choice for the websites of both traditional and online schools, vocational training institutes, test preparation centres, tutors, coaches and trainers of every type. What better way to say you are in education than a .SHIKSHA website and email address?

Explain your services on a .SHIKSHA website or with an email address to help promote your specialized training services. Do you teach English? Go for ENGLISH.SHIKSHA. Do you tutor students for the ICSE? Get ICSEPASS.SHIKSHA. Are you a personal trainer? How about GETFIT.SHIKSHA?

A trade school, vocational or training institute would benefit from a short, intuitive .SHIKSHA domain that quickly and clearly communicates what they do. Think ELECTRICAL.SHIKSHA, AGRICULTURE.SHIKSHA or FILM.SHIKSHA.

Shiksha is about more than just traditional schooling; it also represents the journey of continuous learning throughout our lives and the path towards enlightenment. A .SHIKSHA domain can help any person or organization concerned with assisting people of all ages learn, grow and transform, to spread their message online!

Search above to find the .SHIKSHA address perfect for your organization!

.RED Domain Names now Available


You can register .RED domain names here …

Meet .RED: the new domain that brings the heat to everything you’re passionate about!

Like red lipstick, a red dress, or a little red sports car; the color red brings intensity to everything. And now the .RED domain will do the same for your website! It’s the perfect domain for your site if you want your web address to bring as much excitement as your content.

.RED is for something you’re passionate about. Share your interests, causes, and point-of-view on a .RED blog or site.

Want to make a bold fashion statement? From Valentino’s jaw dropping gowns to a crimson lacquered nail; when you want to go bold in beauty and fashion you always go red! Try a .RED web address for your beauty or fashion blog or your digital style portfolio.

What’s LOVE got to do with it? Red is universally associated with love. Think roses, hearts, and Valentine’s Day. Use a .RED domain for your love or Valentine’s related business!

Think something is just wrong? The color red universally means “stop” and a .RED domain can create a unique web address for any site devoted to ending something you think should be stopped right now.

Want to rage against THE MAN? Red is the color for opposition thinking around the world. When you want change, you need a .RED address.

Christmas is coming! Is Christmas important to you or your business? Put your site in a proper frame of mind with a .RED address.

When you need to heat up your web presence, no other domain will do: Make it .RED hot!

.PINK Domain Names now Available


You can register .PINK domain names here …

Think .PINK for your next web address
Like the color, .PINK domains have big personality! A .PINK address is a celebration of all the things you or your business are passionate about … the things that are impressive and expressive. A .PINK domain expresses joy, and courage, and optimism.

.PINK domains let you and your web presence express all that is uniquely you.

.PINK domains are perfect for causes and organizations that you support. Use .PINK for a fundraising page or for a blog you use to inspire others to share in your journey and stir them into action!

.PINK domains are perfect for businesses that want to connect to a youthful, optimistic and expressive audience.

.PINK domains show your individual flair and are perfect for a personal blog where you share your style, D.I.Y., art, musings and passions.

.PINK domains give a professional, but unique, identity to your business or project.

If you think in a distinctly pink way, then choose a .PINK domain for your website and let the world know everything that’s brag worthy about you!

.MENU Domain Names now Available


You can register .MENU domain names here …

Food captivates hearts and minds (and stomachs) like almost nothing else on earth. People spend countless hours surfing the web for menus, dining suggestions, restaurant information, reviews and offers, recipes, ingredients and dietary details. With the introduction of .MENU, all of this information will be found in one central location. There will finally be an online community for celebrating and broadcasting all activities and interests related to restaurants and their menus. .MENU provides broad exposure and the tools to simplify menu creation and management. This new top-level domain offers restaurants, chefs, diners and anyone else interested in food, their very own segment of the internet.

Get .MENU, get found.

.BUZZ Domain Names now Available


You can register .BUZZ domain names here …

The time is now. .BUZZ is live! Create buzz and you have the ear of the world. The .BUZZ registry creates a sustainable, valuable name space for those wanting to show the world what’s happening right now. .BUZZ will be the prime online destination for Web developers and users alike to create and seek out the latest news and developments on a variety of topics.

.BUZZ is a self-sustaining TLD. The world is abuzz with new events each day providing ongoing opportunities for new .BUZZ domain name registration and development. Better than any TLD offering, .BUZZ accommodates the Internet industry’s stated desire for new quality name space. One of the first pure generic strings to be launched, .BUZZ is short, edgy, fun, and globally recognized.

General availability for .BUZZ is open. General Availability is a first come, first serve process providing the opportunity to secure .BUZZ domains as soon as they are available. General availability registration is available through our .BUZZ registrar partners.

.KIM Domain Names now Available


You can register .KIM domain names here …

While the Internet has previously let you classify your Web presence as commercial or informational, it’s never before let you say, “We’re all part of the same family.” That’s what .KIM offers. A .KIM domain lets you proclaim your allegiance as a member of the first family of the Internet.

“Kim” is an ancient Korean surname, meaning “gold,” and is the most common Korean last name: more than 10 million individuals carry the name Kim, including many famous Kims.

As a first name, Kim is used by women and men. According to U.S. Census data, over 300,000 Americans have the first name Kim (87 percent of them are female).

If you’re a Kim, use a .KIM domain to show your pride in being a .KIM family member. The .KIM domain lets individuals from all over the world proclaim themselves and their businesses as part of the first family of the Internet!

.CLUB Domain Names now Available


You can register .CLUB domain names here …

There are literally millions of established “clubs” throughout the world. From Social clubs, to Health Clubs, to Sports Clubs, to Yacht Clubs, to Golf and Tennis clubs, Country Clubs, Chess Clubs, Night Clubs and on and on and on and on and on. Clubs are everywhere. There are clubs around everything. There are clubs in every country. There are clubs for everyone.

But .CLUB is bigger than all these clubs.
.CLUB is about more than providing established clubs with the best possible domain name.clubmember

.CLUB is the ultimate social domain name, making it easy for anyone and everyone to bring people together around common interests and passions – and own the perfect domain for their community.

According to AllFacebook there are over 600 million Facebook “groups.” People are starting “clubs” around their interests every single day. Millions of people. Until now, these tribes and communities never had a way to truly be masters of their own domain.

They’ve settled for “Facebook Groups” and “Google Plus Communities” because they had no other option. No other name that truly expressed their purpose. That is about to change…

Why .CLUB: Top 5 Reasons
• High profile premium names like,,,,, and thousands more.
• “CLUB” adds valuable meaning to literally any word.
• “CLUB” is a global phenomena – it carries the same spelling and meaning throughout the world.
• Every business needs a .Club.

There are countless existing clubs.
Every consumer facing business needs a .Club for their affinity/loyalty/customer community.