OpenVZ OS Templates Update – July 2014


We have tested an released a few new OpenVZ OS templates to our customers.

A few other templates are past their EOL (End Of Life) and we have removed it from SolusVM, due to no more security updates being issued. If any OS Template is still needed, please submit a ticket justifying why.

Centos 6 minimal – 32bit
Centos 6 minimal – 64bit
Debian 6.0 minimal – 32bit
Debian 6.0 minimal – 64bit
Debian 7.0 minimal – 32bit
Debian 7.0 minimal – 64bit
Suse 13.1 minimal – 32bit
Suse 13.1 minimal – 64bit
Ubuntu 12.04 minimal – 32bit
Ubuntu 12.04 minimal – 64bit
Ubuntu 14.04 minimal – 32bit
Ubuntu 14.04 minimal – 64bit

Suse 12.2 – 32bit
Suse 12.2 – 64bit
Ubuntu 12.10 – 32bit
Ubuntu 12.10 – 64bit
Ubuntu 13.04 – 32bit
Ubuntu 13.04 – 64bit

25% OFF for all services – Celebrating the World Cup 2014 Brasil


To celebrate the FIFA World Cup 2014 we’ve set up an amazing PROMO CODE which gives you an amazing 25% OFF discount on ALL SERVICES*!

Use the following code when you order:

– Discount does NOT apply for domain name registrations.
– Discount applies ONE TIME for any new order no matter what billing cycle is selected.
– Promo available between: June 1 2014 – August 31 2014

Domain Promos for June 2014


Domain Regular Price Promo Price Expiration Date
.asia 11.99 € 3.25 € 30 JUNE 2014
.biz 9.99 € 3.50 € 30 JUNE 2014
.com 9.99 € 7.25 € 30 JUNE 2014
.eu 7.99 € 2.99 € 30 JUNE 2014
.in 9.99 € 3.99 € 30 JUNE 2014
.me 20.00 € 7.75 € 30 JUNE 2014
.net 9.99 € 4.99 € 30 JUNE 2014
.org 9.99 € 4.50 € 30 JUNE 2014
.pw 9.99 € 3.99 € 30 JUNE 2014

Performance Test/Benchmark – 12 May 2014 – XVPS-5YS3

We like to keep our existing or future clients informed about the performance of our infrastructure and services. We believe transparency and honesty is key for a good business relationship. At the beginning of this year we have launched the new line of VPS servers, built on a brand new infrastructure.

Please keep in mind we have a NO OVERSELLING policy for our virtual private servers. That means all resources (HDD, RAM, etc) are 100% guaranteed!

For the advanced users interested in detailed specs of our virtual private servers we ran a performance test or benchmark how others call it on each of the VPS packages we offer.

Here is a print screen of the results for the XVPS-3 package.

RAM: 10 GB
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 Quadcore Haswell
CPU Cores: 4
CPU Speed: 3.40 GHz
Location: Germany – Europe



Streaming server 01 upgrade – Good bye old friend!


It is time to say good bye to our oldest member of the streaming family. One of our oldest servers is retiring being replaced by a newer, faster, more powerful server.

We are upgrading from and older generation Intel Core i5 with 16GB of RAM to a new generation Intel Core i7 with 32GB of RAM and equiped with Solid State Drives (SSD) for a better performance.

All our clients have been informed and migrated to the new infrastructure.

This upgrade is a part of our continuous effort to improve service quality and keep everything up to date with current technology.

We’re heading to Canada!


We are happy to announce that we are expanding to Canada as of June 1st 2014!

We will be offering most of our current services in our new partner datacenter in Montreal, Canada. All the new servers come with Anti-DDoS Protection for our customers in order to protect them 24/7 against any type of DDoS attack, regardless of duration or size.

For any questions, feel free to contact our sales department.

VPS Special Offer – Celebrating 5 years of service


We have promised some specials for our 5 years anniversary. Well … there is one!

We are bringing to you a limited time/quantity VPS offer containing 3 packages specially designed for power users which need a lot of resources. The configurations come with a minimum 6 GB of memory (RAM), and are build on nodes with high end processors and super fast solid state drives (SSD).

Please check the information on the bottom, about the ordering process and what can be hosted on these machines.

The new VPS packages are as follows:

XVPS-5YS1 – 20euro / month – ORDER HERE
Memory: 6 GB
Disk space: 300 GB
Traffic: 3000 GB / mo.
CPU (shared): Intel Xeon – 3.2 GHz
No. of cores: 4
No. of IPs: 1
Location 1: EU – France
Location 2: USA / Canada
Platform: OpenVZ

XVPS-5YS2 – 25euro / month – ORDER HERE
Memory: 6 GB
Disk space: 20 GB ( SSD )
Traffic: 3000 GB / mo.
CPU (shared): Intel Xeon – 3.2 GHz
No. of cores: 4
No. of IPs: 1
Location 1: EU – France
Location 2: USA / Canada
Platform: OpenVZ

XVPS-5YS3 – 40euro / month – ORDER HERE
Memory: 10 GB
Disk space: 60 GB ( SSD )
Traffic: 6000 GB / mo.
CPU (shared): Intel i7 – 3.4 GHz
No. of cores: 4
No. of IPs: 1
Location: EU – Germany
Platform: OpenVZ

– Manual Activation: Due to the limited availability of these servers and the constant node deployment we are manually processing orders for the XVPS-5YS series.
– Delivery Time: Please check the availability before ordering. If there is any server in stock, yours will be activated as soon as an operator approves the order. If there are no servers in stock at the moment and a “72 Hours” status is displayed, that means we are in the process of deploying more nodes.
– Management: All servers are unmanaged (self managed by the client). We can offer you

– Any application which is not illegal or affects or produce a high CPU or I/O load affecting other virtual machines on the node.
– Examples: game servers, streaming, websites, etc.